Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Most of our products are made of SUS304 while some of the latest models are made of SUS316 stainless steel.

All our vacuum wares are passed by Japan’s Strict Quality Control to ensure that our material and processes are safe. Stainless steel and plastic parts of our products do not contain any heavy metal or plasticizer which is harmful to the human body.

All plastics are made with Plastic Polypropylene that is heat and cold resistant and BPA free.

All our products have 5 years warranty on the manufacturer defect, heat retention failure and rust. You may visit our Warranty to know more.

You can find the product model at the bottom of the bottle. Eg: AKM-500

Daily Usage

Prior to initial use, clean with warm water and mild dish soap.

Kindly leave ½ inch of space from the top. Otherwise, it might spill over and burn your hand if its hot beverage when you close the lid.

Do not immerse bottle in boiling water as it would cause water leaking, discoloration or deformation.

  • Milk or dairy products as well as fruit juice should not be kept in the vacuum ware for an extended period of time as it may spoil.
  • Acidic beverage which may cause poor heat retention such as plum juice and lemon juice etc.
  • Dry ice and carbonated beverage as it may result stopper to eject forcefully.

When hot drink or food is put into vacuum ware, pressure automatically develops and you will find unable to unscrew the lid. In such case, you may running the lid under hot water for a minute will make it come off easily.

If there is any unpleasant smell in your vacuum bottle, kindly place your lid and stopper outside on a sunny day to air them out at the same time. You may also soak the lid and stopper in mixture of water and vinegar at 10:1 ratio, and the odour will be reduced slowly.

Step 1: Pour hot water into the vacuum ware and wait for 2-3 minutes. 

Step 2: If the outer surface of bottle is hot, then the vacuum insulation is not working

Step 3: Unable to keep warm for at least 6 hours. (Different products with different thermal efficiency. Please refer to the description in products’ instruction manual)


Main body

  • If it is very dirty, soak a soft cloth into water and squeeze it tightly to wipe off the dirt.
  • Wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Inner bottle

  • Clean with a soft sponge and dry thoroughly.
  • The inner bottle may have red spots like rust due to water quality and impurities. In such a case, add 10% citric acid to a certain amount of boiling water, wash the inner surface with a soft brush for about 3 hours, and then rinse thoroughly.


  • Remove the cap string from the cap and wash the dirty part thoroughly with running water.
  • Wipe both the cloth and cap with a dry cloth.
  • Install the rubber gasket correctly.

Do not put Peacock Vacuum Bottle in a dishwasher, as it may cause damage such as scratches, rust, and deformation.

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